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Xunwei Office Equipment Trading Co., Ltd was established in China in 2004. We are a manufacturer of security cameras, turnstiles & security entrance lanes, rising toll barriers, POS cash registers and peripheral equipment in China. In addition, we are a wholesaler of Hikvision and Dahua. Besides, we provide our customers ODM&OEM services. We established a branch in Montreal in 2018 called Xwell Electronic Inc. To better serve our North American customers, we have wholesale.
warehouses in British Colombia and Ontario. Our products are based on the principle of high quality and low price, and we provide a set of fast and complete sale services and after-sale services to solve customers' technical problems and concerns. All product we sell has 36 months warranty. We provide stable and reliable quality, competitive quotation, we will continue to have a win-win attitude with our customers to create a brilliant future together!

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Hotel network video surveillance system solution Hotel network video surveillance system solution
In order to further strengthen the security and management of the hotel, to protect the personal and property safety of the guests and the hotel, the establishment of monitoring, alarm, communication combined security system is an effective and necessary means of protection. The hotel network video surveillance system launched by chengdu yifei technology co., LTD. Can respond quickly to intruders, find and capture criminals in time, and have a strong deterrent effect on criminals. At the same time, the installation of fire alarm system can be timely controlled in the initial stage of the fire to avoid the occurrence of major fire accidents.
Campus network video monitoring installation scheme Campus network video monitoring installation scheme
Around the city, now a common university campus area is large, sites scattered, many students and characteristics of the campus surrounding environment complex, as the campus violence in recent years and the increase of the incident, traditional human patrol cannot meet the needs of the campus safety management, more and more schools began to think through the implementation of the campus network video monitoring system to build a safe campus. It is an important content to construct the prevention and control system of school public security to popularize the technical prevention measures mainly including video surveillance, anti-theft alarm and security prevention in the campus of large and medium-sized cities. The campus network video monitoring system is based on the original Ethernet transmission system
Infrared high speed ball monitoring installation and operation maintenance solution Infrared high speed ball monitoring installation and operation maintenance solution
With the development of safe city and smart city, high speed ball camera can complete city monitoring very well. With the development of the whole industry toward the direction of digitalization, intelligent high speed ball machine has also stepped up to a new level. With the rise of the network, the high-speed ball depends more and more on the network. In the video surveillance camera, no matter from the appearance, type or function, high-speed ball is the most perfect, in the era of all-weather monitoring applications, high-speed ball monitoring more accounts for a large proportion of night vision monitoring applications, then the infrared high-speed ball camera in the installation and maintenance of what should be paid attention to?