Infrared high speed ball monitoring installation and operation maintenance solution

Release time:2021-04-29
With the development of safe city and smart city, high speed ball camera can complete city monitoring very well. With the development of the whole industry toward the direction of digitalization, intelligent high speed ball machine has also stepped up to a new level. With the rise of the network, the high-speed ball depends more and more on the network. In the video surveillance camera, no matter from the appearance, type or function, high-speed ball is the most perfect, in the era of all-weather monitoring applications, high-speed ball monitoring more accounts for a large proportion of night vision monitoring applications, then the infrared high-speed ball camera in the installation and maintenance of what should be paid attention to?
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In order to further strengthen the security and management of the hotel, to protect the personal and property safety of the guests and the hotel, the establishment of monitoring, alarm, communication combined security system is an effective and necessary means of protection. The hotel network video surveillance system launched by chengdu yifei technology co., LTD. Can respond quickly to intruders, find and capture criminals in time, and have a strong deterrent effect on criminals. At the same time, the installation of fire alarm system can be timely controlled in the initial stage of the fire to avoid the occurrence of major fire accidents.
Around the city, now a common university campus area is large, sites scattered, many students and characteristics of the campus surrounding environment complex, as the campus violence in recent years and the increase of the incident, traditional human patrol cannot meet the needs of the campus safety management, more and more schools began to think through the implementation of the campus network video monitoring system to build a safe campus. It is an important content to construct the prevention and control system of school public security to popularize the technical prevention measures mainly including video surveillance, anti-theft alarm and security prevention in the campus of large and medium-sized cities. The campus network video monitoring system is based on the original Ethernet transmission system
With the development of safe city and smart city, high speed ball camera can complete city monitoring very well. With the development of the whole industry toward the direction of digitalization, intelligent high speed ball machine has also stepped up to a new level. With the rise of the network, the high-speed ball depends more and more on the network. In the video surveillance camera, no matter from the appearance, type or function, high-speed ball is the most perfect, in the era of all-weather monitoring applications, high-speed ball monitoring more accounts for a large proportion of night vision monitoring applications, then the infrared high-speed ball camera in the installation and maintenance of what should be paid attention to?
With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many private houses have been installed with remote monitoring! When they go to work, travel or business trips and are not at home, they want to be able to monitor everything in their home to prevent thieves from visiting the door. Those who have been away from home for a long time also hope to see their relatives and understand the situation at home through the home remote monitoring system. It can be seen that the demand for home monitoring system installation has been increasing.
With the popularization and deepening development of modern urban residential district system in our country, the informationization construction of the district is deepening unceasingly, each district, especially the large and medium-sized city district, has accelerated the construction of information network platform, and the district system is gradually turning to the new stage of centralized management of information by using the network and computer. In order to better protect the security of the property and the community, according to the actual monitoring needs of the community users, cameras are usually installed in the neighborhood, the gate, the residence, the warehouse, the computer room, the parking lot and other key parts. Village often will video monitoring, video monitoring system real-time monitoring, image segmentation show more, yuntai control functions such as organic combination, at the same time monitoring host will automatically alarm screen and video record, do alarm linkage, help to timely processing industry, to protect the safety of residential property and staff, the greatest degree of guard against all kinds of invasion, It improves the working efficiency of the security personnel and the response speed of dealing with various emergencies, provides a good working environment for the management personnel and ensures the safety of the whole community. In the implementation of video surveillance system in modern urban residential areas, in addition to the normal video surveillance requirements, the following functions should be generally met: ◆24 hours real-time monitoring and video ◆ vehicle information at the entrance and exit of the community ◆ perimeter fence prevention ◆ surveillance video and anti-theft alarm effective link ◆ scalability and good operability in order to further meet the high standards of social and economic development and people's civilized life, To create a safe, comfortable, warm, efficient production and living environment, and according to the needs of different customers, the specific reality of the small area, the video surveillance system should be reasonable configuration, advanced technology, cost-effective, practical and reliable. This program is based on the relevant documents provided by the community and the actual needs of customers, with reference to the relevant national standards and industry standards, and combined with the accumulated experience of many communities that our company has been engaged in, the preparation of this technical program. If the content of this program or other aspects are not detailed, we welcome your valuable comments at any time.
With the development of the economy and the improvement of the degree of social openness, some illegal and criminal incidents in the society have gradually affected the campus. How to build a safe campus environment to ensure the safety of teachers and students' study and campus life has always been the focus of attention of the education department and the society. It is especially important to monitor the campus security construction of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Guiyang. Teachers and students in primary and secondary schools belong to groups with weak security defense ability, and most primary and secondary students are still young, so their awareness of prevention and self-protection ability are weak. The safety of primary and secondary school campus, maintaining the stability of the society and affecting the happiness of the family, has become the topic of close attention of the whole society, and directly affects the construction of a harmonious society. According to the social survey, a large part of the causes of safety accidents in primary and secondary schools are caused by external infringements, including false pick up, being kidnapped and injuries caused by students' outside activities. In view of the above accidents, we can improve and avoid them by strengthening the management of students picking up and sending students, the management of people in and out of the school gate, and the management of people in and out of the dormitory. The first is to solve the hidden danger of primary or kindergarten schools in picking up and dropping off children. At present, the situation that may happen is that non-native people sneak into the campus when parents pick up the children, the school only recognizes the pick-up card but not the person, and the non-native people take the picked up or stolen pick-up card and take the child as the false claim. Some relatives or acquaintances with ulterior motives to cheat children, teachers do not know whether to get the children's relatives have been authorized by parents, so all kinds of injuries caused by students kidnap and other accidents. To prevent false claims, make sure the school can identify the person picking up the child as a "real parent" or a person authorized by the "real parent" to pick up the child. Another is to strengthen the effective management of school gate guards and student dormitory staff, at present most is visiting, in and out of the registration, migrant workers provide virtual or reason can enter the campus, students in and out of school or the dormitory also adopt the mode of human care, there are a few schools have adopted the management means such as intelligent IC card system, But the defect of smart card "only recognize the card but not the person" can not bring the real effective security management to the school, and the accident of entering the campus or student dormitory with the card happens from time to time. To prevent this kind of situation, it is necessary to ensure that the identity of those who enter the campus and dormitory can be verified, and the school can grasp the identity information of those who enter and leave the campus in real time. Face recognition technology has recognition, identification can not be counterfeited, can solve the problems existing in the safety management of the above schools, to create a healthy and safe campus environment for students, the application of biometric technology is becoming the new trend of campus security construction. 1. Face and face will be used as the identification conditions for entering and leaving the school gate and various places on campus, and the access control device will refuse to pass if the identity does not match. 2. Face and face are used as identification conditions for parents to pick up students. After the success of face recognition for parents, the system automatically calls up the information of the corresponding students to achieve the corresponding match between parents and students. The teacher checked the pupils and handed them over to their parents. 3. The extended system can send the face image of the person who picks up the student to the registered parents for confirmation through the Internet or telecommunication network. After receiving the remote key authorization from the parents, the system will automatically call up the student information for matching and keep records for inquiry. 4, can provide face recognition access control personnel information management platform, according to different rights of the database operation, and can provide access records query, data backup and data printout and other functions. 5, through the network to achieve face recognition data transmission, remote access and remote system maintenance. 1, face acquisition and recognition: through the recognition of the face information collected by the terminal, and the database of the mold plate comparison recognition; 2. System parameter setting: unified authorization of personnel, easy management, user registration, authorization, modification, deletion and face modeling, re-modeling and other user management operations; 3, database storage and management: the parameters set by the system, face template information and all open records are saved in the database and automatic backup, and the manager can according to the need to summarize, edit, draw up a variety of access control management report; 4, real-time state monitoring: the system can be connected to all the state of the gate control device (door state, lock state, alarm state, etc.) for real-time monitoring; 5. Log recording information management function: system administrators can use the system management control software to conduct logging information management operations such as inquiry, export and deletion; 6, Human-machine interface display function: display, touch the screen to operate the text prompt menu, sound prompt, system provides real-time switch of Chinese and English display language; 7, face recognition device low power and energy saving control function: when the field reading device for a period of time without identification card, touch screen operation, people close to, the system started into a low power and energy saving working state; 8. Synchronization of multi-terminal databases (networking system) : when multi-terminal networks work, the same database is used to achieve independent control and centralized management mode; 9, remote message sending function: can choose to send the face of the current recognizer to the designated personnel in the form of pictures. The pictures can be viewed through the computer, so that the person who picks up the student must be confirmed by the parents. 10, when students arrive or leave the school through face recognition access control, the system can be sent to the identification of information to parents, through the network, parents can know the whereabouts of students at any time; 11, the system can be extended: in addition to face recognition, can be extended to connect the smart card reading device, to achieve multiple face and smart card verification; 12, record information: the system can record identification information, and record the system self-check information; 13, face recognition terminal has a variety of alarm functions: the system has identification timeout alarm, anti-pry alarm, fire alarm and other alarm signals; 14. Self-learning function: the system can be set to dynamically update the user's avatar in the database, so as to ensure that the user's face and the environment change can still be quickly and correctly identified; 15, auxiliary storage function: face recognition terminal expandable capacity memory card, the device damage can be taken out of the storage card backup data; 16. Completely offline operation: Input and function setting of identification template can be completed directly through identification end operation. 17, Ethernet networking: the terminal through Ethernet and management PC networking, can be remote online. Face recognition campus management system, the use of industry-leading face recognition technology, analysis of face features, as the basis of identity recognition, for the school access control management, dormitory access management, primary school and kindergarten students transfer management to provide a safe and convenient system solution. Face registration: first register the face template in the terminal. Face detection: when a person stands in front of the terminal, it automatically detects the face and carries out one-to-many face recognition. Button/swipe card: Enter ID number in the touch keyboard or swipe card in the card reading area for one-to-one face recognition. Face recognition: the current face and the database has been registered face template search comparison. Access control: identify the identity of the current personnel, open the electric door lock through the access control controller, allowing the current personnel to open the door. Local data management: face recognition terminal and management computer through TCP/IP network connection, use a browser to open access management Web, set terminal parameters, management of user information, access records and other data. Remote data management: through the network router and other devices will face recognition terminal connected to the Internet, the Internet in the remote computer can also set the terminal parameters, management of user information, access control records and other data. 3.5.1 School Access Control Application Face recognition access control terminal is installed in the pedestrian passageway of each gate of the school, and the electric lock is connected to control the opening and closing of the pedestrian passageway door. All teachers, students and staff must register their faces and face when entering the school, and they can only open the door after successful face recognition. For the implementation of closed management of the school, the school inside each door to install face recognition access terminal, usually only teachers or staff have this access terminal to open the door, when there are students need to go out with the teacher's approval of the application to open access. Schools that allow students free access on weekends or holidays can set all access permissions on the gate identification terminals on holidays or Sundays. 3.5.2 School Dormitory Management Application Facial recognition terminals can be installed in each dormitory building, or installed in floors and dormitories according to actual application requirements. Students enter dormitory building must be verified face recognition, face recognition after the success had only then can open the door, the dormitory visits, students can document in the dormitory management office for temporary facial physiognomy authorization, temporary facial faces in authentication success after a failure, so that the students can only in their dormitory building free access, ensure the safety of the students' dormitory. Dormitory building face recognition management system has a simple attendance function, can record and statistics face recognition data, according to face recognition records can query to a student's entry time and other information, convenient for the school's dormitory administrator. You can also set the opening time of the face recognition dormitory management system, and you are not allowed to enter or leave the dormitory building after bedtime. 3.5.3 parents authentication applications In primary school or kindergarten, students generally take home by parents, school is responsible for deliver to students after school teachers equipped with wireless terminals, face identification authentication to the authentication of come to pick up students' parents, facial recognition after the success of the wireless terminal corresponding to the parents of student information to be obtained, Teachers check whether the information is consistent with the picture, and send the corresponding students to their parents after they are correct. If the identification is unsuccessful, the wireless terminal will send an alarm signal to the school security department, and notify the management staff to verify and deal with it. Face recognition parents authentication system can be a student with a number of parents binding registration, can also be a parent with a number of students binding registration, face recognition after the success of the system calls out the corresponding students, parents can only pick up and send their bound students. If the registration is binding parents because something temporary assigned to ferry their children to others, teachers use validated end to faces of temporary ferry people snapped, system or through the Internet will be the person face photos sent to the parents, parents check photos after confirmation is to be assigned to their staff, via text message or facial recognition software remote authorization to school face recognition system, Verification terminal calls out the relevant student information, teachers verify and send to students. If parents find that the person to pick up their children is not their designated personnel, through SMS or facial recognition computer software to send information remotely, the school face recognition system alarm to inform the security department to deal with the corresponding, to prevent the occurrence of fraudulent students. 3.5.4 Application of Students' Anti-truancy System For colleges and universities, students' truancy is a headache for teachers. Due to the special way students attend classes in colleges and universities, the traditional roll call is useless and cannot effectively prevent students' truancy behavior. Face recognition technology can solve this problem, the students of template library faces are registered with the system, the system can be set according to the attendance in class time, before the start of the normal school, through the software platform teachers start roll face recognition system, the system automatically attendance statistics, the current class students to report or graphical interface display, make the student attendance at a glance, And face recognition can eliminate the replacement attendance situation. The system can also be set to real-time detection mode, in the class time cycle detection and recognition of faces, to prevent students from leaving the class midway. Real-time detection mode can also be used to prevent students from paying attention during class break. When students leave their seats with their faces or head down to doze off, the system will respond the student information to the software platform through the management platform for teachers to timely remind them, or the system will directly output signals to the voice system and other automatic prompts. Through the setting of face recognition threshold and recognition rules, the prompts will not be detected when students move their faces in a small range normally during the lecture.